Imam Hussein and Forgiveness

5 November 2013

Imam Hussein and Forgiveness – REV 4



ü  Is it not true that “Imam Hussein” because of his love (حب) to people was even prepared to forgive all those enemies whom massacred most of his family members and companions on Ashora provided the oppressors do not make their hands dirty by shedding the blood of His Living Proof on Earth?


ü  Is it not true that same as “Imam Hussein”, all Living Proofs of Allah swt (the latest one Imam Mahdi) also loved  ( حب) people; a love that is much stronger than the love of a mother to her beloved child; that is, she loves her child more than she loves herself?


ü  It is not right that the true servants of Imam Mahdi, because of their love to their master also love all those whom their master loves?


ü  It is then not fair to assume that the true servants of Imam Mahdi love people more than they love themselves?


ü  Is it not true that it is one of the principles of Allah swt that the forgiveness of those sins that involves hurting others, stealing from others … {Haghol-Nass} is the property of the victims only? That is, if they forgive, they get such a great reward as giving life to whole humanity and if they do not forgive, no one else could forgive the oppressors.


ü  Is it not good to wake up in the middle of the night and pray for forgiving our sins? That our hearts get cleansed from the sins we made during the day - to the effect that those cleansed hearts still remain as gates / platforms for receiving His Guidance / Love / Light?  Platforms that could then act as mirrors to reflect these Divine love / Light to others?


ü  The other fold of the forgiveness of Haghol-Nass is this that the hearts of the oppressors do not get covered by the dust of the sin of hurting others and consequently this coverage stops His Guidance / Love / Light to enter into the hearts of oppressors to the effect that rather than Divine love and light they offer others nothing but hate?


ü  Is it not then a fair expectation that the true servants of “Imam Mahdi” {same as “Imam Hussein”} also forgive the sins {the Haghol-Nass that were created for them by oppressors} of all those whom harm them?


ü  Is it not true that the above concept was misunderstood by Christian scholars? That is, the act of forgiveness of Jesus pbuh that was in line with the above-mentioned teaching of Masoomin was misunderstood by Christian Scholars to the effect that rather than forgiving the sins (of each other) – that is, those sins that are in the category of Haghol-Nass and enjoy the huge rewards of Allah swt for this forgiveness; they had this misunderstanding that the harms that people made to Jesus pbuh and the act of forgiveness of Jesus pbuh {same as what Imam Hussein (AS) was prepared to do on Ashora} has caused that all sins of the Christians (not only while Jesus pbuh was physically among people but also in all generations) to be forgiven!!!



Imam Hussein


On the day of Ashora incredible harms were imposed on Imam Hussein (AS), to the effect that most of his beloved family members and followers were massacred on the same day.


Even after the above-mentioned wrongdoing, Imam Hussein (AS) {because of his love (حب) to people} was still in the position of offering his mercy (to forgive and forget all the Haghol-Nass that were created for him by his enemies).


Even after all the above harms - because of his love (حب) to people – and almost till last moments of his life, he was warning his enemies not to make their hands dirty by shedding the blood of The Living Proof of Allah swt?


Furthermore, he was advising and lecturing his enemies that the consequence of shedding his blood would be this that the curse of Allah swt would fall upon them for ever?”


Important Lessons


ü  The reward that we would receive from Allah swt for being patient to the harms that we could receive from our beloved ones would be proportional to the extent of that harm.


ü  The higher the pain of receiving rays of anger and strong words (emerging from the mouth of our beloved ones) the higher would be the blessings and rewards that would be received from Allah swt.


ü  It is better that not only we be prepared to forgive and forget all the harms that our beloved ones impose on us; but also we pray to Allah swt that He also forgives them that their harms does not cause them to go astray.


Message of the true servants of Imam Mahdi


A message to their beloved ones (all people):


True servants of “Imam Mahdi” love people because of their love to Imam; as they also love all those whom their Imam loves, and Imam loves (حب) all people.


The scope of this love is so vast that it does not matter if they get harmed by their loved ones and it does not matter even if their loved ones (people) drop rubbish over their heads; as their love (حب) would never collapse / disappear.


If you are not of this habit of putting a limit on your strong words and/or on your rays of anger at least throw them only on the true servant of Imam and no one else that:


i)      By their forgiveness they get exposed to His endless blessings, and also (because of the forgiveness of this Haghol-Nass)


ii)     Your hearts does not get covered by the dust of this sin which could stop His love and Light entering your heart.


As those whom have not yet fallen in love (حب) with Imam Mahdi and consequently with you (people) might not be in a position to forgive and forget the Haghol-Nass that you could have created for them.



Our Praying


O'Lord, expand our chests, as you did for Masoomin, that we could also bear all harms that could be received from our beloved ones and then in return do nothing but forgiving and forget.



M. Falamaki (Dr.)