NAIC Interfaith Iftar 2012.

Following our successful turnout of over 650 people on this important occasion of inviting people of different sects and faiths, we were able to bring together a variety of guests and give them a humble, friendly and spiritual atmosphere most will continue to remember. 


As human beings and as people living in diverse and multicultural society, we must gain key life skills to be able to interact and engage with the environment which we are in. 


As religious people, and Muslims in particular, it makes it even more difficult, because religious restrictions do not allow us to integrate wholesomely, or compromise. 


Interfaith dialogue is not about compromising, or explaining who is right and who is wrong, and who will enter Heaven and who will go to Hell. There are other projects and programs for that, and they also very important, where one engages in debates and discussions to guide people to the Truth and its path. This is why there are missionaries, clerics, and organisations that facilitate for such. 


One thing we must all agree on as people of different races and faiths is how to co-exist and live with harmony. This can only be done if we unite in rejecting what impedes these ideal goals, and one most certain impediment is injustice. We must unite in condemnation of tyranny and injustice. We must publicly denounce any form of oppression. 


Today's manifestation of oppression and global tyranny can be vividly seen in the illegitimate state of Israel and their illegal occupation of neighbouring lands, the hypocritical policies of the so-called Superpower governments, like the U.S, and government funded global terrorist groups stemming from the oppressive Saudi Regime. 


If we speak of peace and justice, must we not speak about the innocent people of Bahrain and Burma? 


Let's stand hand in hand to condemn the atrocities that are happening, and all pray for a day where the world will be rid of such dark passages. 


The NAIC has always been a pioneer in bridging gaps, facilitating for the community, engaging with local and state MPs', all for the sake of showing the presence of the Shi'a Muslims, and bringing pride to our presence and identity here in Australia. 

Enough being marginalised, and enough alienation. 


We had 6 MPs attend, and we were not concerned about which political party they represented. They were invited to show support to the Shi'a Muslim Community, and we are grateful for that. Now it is upon them to voice our concerns and tend to our needs. 


We had a variety of representatives from different faiths. Some were invited specifically by NAIC, and some by Together for 


Humanity. We were not aware of ideological or political affiliations of some individuals, and if we knew some individuals would not have been invited, as we are not willing to compromise our principle human stance, or religious beliefs. 


In shaa Allah, in future events, with the support and assistance of the wider community, we will be able to progress more by having such large events, and maybe extra question time, where we will be able to allow political and controversial questions, making sure we have more caution on who is invited. 


A special thanks to the NAIC Youth Committee, and to Rabbi Zalman and TFH. 


Wa min Allah al-Tawfeeq