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NAIC runs camps twice a year during school and university holidays with the aim to teach our future generation how to be better and successful people.



A camp is an organized, systematic and directed activity held as a group with certain programs, under the supervision of instructors in an environment outside of normal and daily activities. It has two aspects of education and disciplining, with having fun at the same time.


Unfortunately, in this era of specialisation, the value of traditional camp experience with archery, canoeing, campfires, nature walks, horseback rides and rock climbing is more difficult to explain to perspective families, foundations and educators.


بسمھ تعالى

NAIC Islamic Summer Camp
Camp Check List




It must be understood that ALL items are the responsibility of the owners and should
be CLEARLY LABELLED if necessary. Do not bring valuables to camp.


Strictly NO JUNK FOOD or confectionaries of any kind.
Strictly NO Knives of any sort.                                                                                                                    Strictly No Peanuts


  • €       Heavy duty torch, with batteries
  • €        Insect Repellent (preferably no aerosols)
  • €       Sunscreen
  • €       Hat, sunglasses
  • €       Water bottle
  • €       Plastic plate, spoon, fork and cup
  • €       Personal Medicine
  • €       Closed shoes, for activities, hiking and bushwalking shoes. Must be protective and
  • comfortable for long walking and all activities.
  • €       Old shoes for water activities
  • €       Sandals or slippers
  • €       Sleeping Bag, Pillow and Sheets
  • €       Notepad and pen
  • €       Prayer clothes. Islamic/Middle Eastern clothes, like Dishdashe, Sharval Qamis, etc.
  • Brothers will not be allowed to perform prayers with shorts. Sister should bring Prayer
  • Chador with them.
  • €       Toiletries - Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • €       Towels
  • €       Safety and Hijab compliant clothes for male and females. No singlets. No tight clothes. Below knee. Enough for 5 days, including underwear and socks. Be mindful of summer weather.
  • €       Pyjamas
  • €       Warm clothing, jacket for night
  • €       Long pants, tracksuit
  • €       Swimwear, including for sisters. Please note that sisters will not be allowed to swim with
  • heavy clothes, for safety reasons. They must have clothes that are suitable for
  • swimming in.
  • €       Plastic bags or dirty or wet clothes