Friday Friday
Main Program & Weekly Lecture (English) 8pm with special English Islamic classes for children between the ages of 6-12
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Hawza Hawza
The Nabi Akram (s.a.w.) Islamic Centre has been successfully running Hawzah program every Sunday morning and Wednesday Night. These structured class...
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Marriage Service Marriage Service
The Nabi Akram Islamic Centre is proud to announce it now offers Marriage Services to the Community. The Religious Director of NAIC is a Registered...
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Wednesday Night

Sisters English Program starting with Maghreb Prayers
        The ‘Wednesday Night Sisters Only Program’ runs on weekly basis that comprise of weekly “Ahkam/Fiqh” Lessons followed by open discussions and talks. The program is run based on the vision of educating our Sisters within the community about their religion, world and hereafter. It covers wide range of topics and issues and everyone is encouraged to participate and share their understandings and knowledge. So, all young Sisters ( 8 and above) are encouraged to come and attend the program with their families.

It has been an informative, exciting, and enlightening past year for the sisters program conducted by the Ladybugz of NAIC. We’ve had wonderful programs geared towards enhancing and uplifting the mind, soul and body from the various subjects presented and unique special events that has attracted a multi dimensional spectrum of sisters along with teenagers and young children. The program has been overall successful with different topics that have benefited our sisters in many positive ways. We have had debates, poetry presentations, trivia games, celebration nights, weekly ahkam lessons and intellectual discussions with guest speakers ranging from subjects like ethics, psychology, health and career planning, philosophy, Wilayat & Taqlid, and many more. Since the weekly sessions have been very interactive, most of the participants have expressed their gratefulness as it has enabled them to open up freely and give their input and feedback. During our first anniversary award program, we had everyone fill out an interesting questionnaire and one sister mentioned “There has been a tremendous amount of thought put into the setting up and running up of this group. Different speakers, variety of relevant topics as well as Ahkam lessons are all extremely useful. The communication between everyone is excellent and the sisters are very warm and welcoming.” Another sister describes “The program provides a forum for addressing issues concerning us as human beings in general and women in particular. It inspires, educates, and thereby illuminates.” To continue the progress of our sisters and bring our vision together as a community, we encourage everyone to keep striving towards the path of Ahlulbayt for a brighter future ahead.

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