Friday Friday
Main Program & Weekly Lecture (English) 8pm with special English Islamic classes for children between the ages of 6-12
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Hawza Hawza
The Nabi Akram (s.a.w.) Islamic Centre has been successfully running Hawzah program every Sunday morning and Wednesday Night. These structured class...
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Marriage Service Marriage Service
The Nabi Akram Islamic Centre is proud to announce it now offers Marriage Services to the Community. The Religious Director of NAIC is a Registered...
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Tuesday Night

Maghreb– Jama’ah Prayers + Dua Tawassul / Reading and Discussion Night
(Farsi – Men only)
The importance of Jama’ah Prayers, iif there is one person {ma’mum} following the
prayer leader {imam}, the reward of the prayer (compared to that which
is done individually) is 150 times.For two persons, the reward is 600 times.For
three, the reward is 1,200 times.For four, the reward is 2,400 times and so on.
And the Prophet (S) also said: “The rows of congregational
prayer are like rows of angels on the fourth level of heaven.”

Dua Tawassul: Shaykh Tusi Says, In his
book Misbah, that Imam Hassan Bin Ali Al Askari wrote this Dua’a for Abu
Muhammad who requrested him teach him the proper way of reciting Salawat.
Allama Majlisi has mentioned this Dua’a on the authority of Ibn babawayh who
confidently says that there is no difficulty or problem that this dua’a does
not solve. The merciful Allah is beseeched in the name of and for the sake of
the Holy Prophet and His Ahl ul Bayt. It is known as “ quick- fulfilment of all
legitimate desires” dua. There is no difficulty or problem that this dua does
not solve.
Additionally, After the Jama’ah Prayers
and Dua Tawassul. Weekly Tuesday Night Discussion takes place in Farsi for
Brothers only. It is aimed to educate our brothers within our community who
sometimes due to lack of understanding in English can’t attend some of the
classes and lectures. Furthermore, this discussion opens the doors of knowledge
for them where they are encouraged to learn and discuss wide variety of topics
regarding Islam, Culture, Family or Society. 

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